About me

I have been a practising painter for over thirty-five years, working both en plein air and from my imagination. My passion is for landscape painting, and I prefer to express this in a 'painterly' manner rather than in a purely illustrative or photographic way. I actively engage with the landscape by painting outdoors, rather than relying solely on photographs. I do, however, on some occasions, compose paintings from my imagination and from remembered images.

Over the years I have taught art in adult community education, and have also run landscape oil painting workshops for A Level students in secondary schools.


Solo exhibitions:

Stamford Arts Centre (ante-room): 2009-2017.

Group exhibitions:

Salisbury Arts Centre (Open) 1988
Hesketh Hubbard Art Society, Mall Galleries, London 1989
Small is Beautiful Exhibition, The Gallery, Oundle 1996
Laing Landscape Competition (Open), Mall Galleries, London 1998
The Art House, Peterborough 1998-1999
Peterborough Exhibitions Group (Open) 1996-2002
Victoria Hall, Oakham 2011
Willoughby Gallery, Corby Glen 2012
Peterborough Cathedral 2014
Welland Valley Art Society 2002-present
The Yarrow Gallery, Oundle 2002
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